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Lex Construction

917 Lincoln Ave #14, Holbrook, NY 11741, USA

About Lex Construction

3.1 / 5

from reviews

    Epiphvision EV
    March 21, 2024

    This company was hired through Home Depot to install a new front door and re-attach the storm door they removed to do so. They installed the front door at a slant and claimed the storm door could not be re-attached due to the size of it. In reality, they destroyed the storm door frame and didn't want to replace it. I had two other companies come and take a look to see if the storm door would fit the new door frame and they mentioned it could fit.

    Eric Strianese
    June 10, 2021

    Lex Construction was contracted by Home Depot to install a new storm door we purchased. However, our house has an oddly shaped front door entrance, and at first, it didn't look like installation would be possible. We believe the person's name that came to our house was Mike (could be wrong about that - sorry). He assessed and explained the situation to us, and told us while it would be complicated, he could modify the door entrance to install the storm door. He did an absolutely wonderful job, and we were very impressed with the final result. We are very grateful we got connected with Lex Construction. Thank you!

    Stephen Lott
    November 13, 2019

    My mother had two sliders installed by Lex Millwork thru Home Depot. After the installation it was determined that there was additional caulking needed underneath the doors and a drip moulding above the doors. The gentleman Walter was very nice and promised that someone would be sent to make the repairs. After months of waiting I called and was told that I would be contacted. Never happened. I called again and was told that Walter will not be back till Monday. Still waiting.

    Cheryl Lyngholm
    February 24, 2020

    I contracted this company through Home Depot services I just want to say it was an awful experience it was just sliding doors and they’re already falling off and it was two weeks ago that the doors were installed. the doors are horribly made there’ are scratches and marks all over them which in fact we were told about when Lex construction came to install them! We just didn’t want to wait weeks and weeks That was not Lex construction’s fault. Home Depot is a horrible company they’re just trying to make money on people that they contract at a construction company make you wait horrible quality horrible service!! The only thing I can say positively about Lex construction is that they gave a very nice guy and a girl that was a project manager very polite and kind. The poor guy was all by himself putting up doors alone which in fact he could’ve used another person to help him! They totally take it advantage of of that employee! He did his best with what he had with the situation!!

    Joshua Stephens
    October 19, 2019

    Ordered 6 doors through Home Depot, both exterior and interior doors. Tim was the guy doing the work and he was awesome. Tim was professional, courteous, neat and clean, and also just a nice guy to talk with. The arrangement of the install day was smooth, he showed up on time, did everything he said he would, solved problems (I live in a house built a long time ago so not everything was even) and explained what was happening during the process. Thank you Tim and company for a great experience. No hesitations to recommend.

    Lex Construction

    Our Address

    917 Lincoln Ave #14, Holbrook, NY 11741, USA

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