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Marcos Kitchens-Bath Instlltns

79 Franklin Ave, Franklin Square, NY 11010, USA

About Marcos Kitchens-Bath Instlltns

3.3 / 5

from reviews

    Athenes Bauza
    September 02, 2022

    Very interesting sales experience at Marco’s kitchen and bath. Our contractor directed us to this designer cabinet store. Where we proceeded to be informed by 3 staffers Al, and two females they do not want our business (8x 6 l-shaped mid-custom cabinetry and shelves). As the sales associate began explaining the construction of the cabinetry…. The exceptionally passive aggressive “cabinet designer how will place the order” walked over to flat out say “look, we are too busy to deal with you! We have a long list of work including my this sales associate and we won’t help you this Friday afternoon”. After I finally responded, “you are now the 4th staffer to ask us to NOT ORDER cabinetry with you. This is an unpleasant experience” and left promptly.

    Karen Greenberg
    June 06, 2016

    Marcos just finished a "gut renovation" of our entire apartment, and we're thrilled! We spent months talking to contractors all over Manhattan and Queens and couldn't find anyone whom we "felt good about" and who was able and willing to write out an estimate that listed the costs of everything we wanted (including the material and the labor). When we finally met with Mike Marcos (the owner), we were very impressed by everything he had to say and by his "genuineness." He told us exactly how his crew works, what they would do, and how long it would take. He also said that (and continued to say throughout the job) that all he wanted to do was make us happy, and boy did he! He's truly a "stand-up" guy with great integrity, and the job turned out better than we ever could have expected. And his Project Manager is exceedingly smart, patient, and thoughtful. He’s also a talented designer who created an amazing insert cut-out in our kitchen ceiling with hidden lights that make it glow. He's super-knowledgeable about every aspect of construction and he had an answer for every one of our questions and a suggestion for each of our concerns. And the crew's work was meticulous (e.g., perfect grout lines between the tiles, perfect spacing of all the lights, doors, handles, etc.) The end of our kitchen is rounded, yet they were able to carve the kitchen floor tiles and the wood floor planks so that they meet each other perfectly without a seam or a saddle. I'm a neurotic perfectionist who demands perfection in everyone whom I pay, so if I tell you that Marcos did an superb job, you can trust me. (And if you want a photo, feel free to message me.)

    Michael Feygin
    July 26, 2022

    The contracted scope was completed on time (actually, a day earlier than originally discussed), on budget (absolutely no hidden fees), within acceptable quality parameters (see full review below). That is a one liner review for the kitchen renovation with Marcus Kitchen and Bath. Here is a bit more comprehensive breakdown: Pre-sales, design, and sales: 10/10 Anthony and Isabel were great designing the kitchen, answering any and all questions with regards to patterns, details, colors, options and price impact. Transition from sales to PM: 7/10 This is where the company dropped the ball a bit and it took some chasing to answers Site prep and demolition: 9/10 The team came in and covered most surfaces (floor, furniture, etc.) prior to the demolition – once we mentioned that some of the items weren’t converged, it was immediately resolved Floors: 10/10 Beautiful work leveling our floors (an old building) and laying new tiles Carpentry: 10/10 Can’t complement the team enough on the work that they had done with the actual carpentry – Chris and Antonio are true professionals with decades of experience – entire kitchen’s carpentry was completed in 6 business days Plumbing and Electrical: 8/10 Great plumbing work by Sandeep who went above and beyond to ensure that the work was done to the highest standards by replacing existing plumbing and installing several water valves that weren’t there before. There were issues with electrical work (2 outlets in other rooms stopped working) after replacing the panel, but they were fixed before the kitchen was done Countertop: 10/10 Countertop (over 8 feet long) was completed in one piece (along with other pieces for other parts of the kitchen) and installed within two weeks from templating Backsplash installation: 9/10 Excellent team installing the backsplash – I only wish the company allowed for some extra backsplash tiles as the amount provided was barely enough and should we had a bit more, some of the sides would have been done in a slightly different way. Spackle and Paint: 5/10 If not for this, I would’ve called this project a perfect experience, but unfortunately, the house painters were way worse than ever expected – poor quality work, leaving without completing the work and cleaning up after themselves. Some issues were resolved later by another team Clean-up and wrap-up: 10/10 The team has been very efficient throughout the renovation process all the way to the end removing garbage and cleaning up after the work was done Project Management: 10/10 Joe was truly great – making a point to come by on daily basis and ensuring that everything was going according to plan. Overall: 90% - The company truly delivered what they promised and I certainly without any reservations would recommend them . ***UPDATE*** Service Call #1: A couple of weeks ago half of electrical outlets went dead one morning - called Marcos and an electrician came by a couple of hours later. The issue was fixed and outlets in the kitchen were inspected. As it turns out, they did not change one of the outlets (fridge one) which just died on me and caused every outlet on that wall to go cold. It was frustrating that this happened due to contractor's negligence, but to their credit, it was fixed rather expediently.

    Matthew Kramer
    July 29, 2016

    marcos kitchen was great up to the last payment. then mike has no time to be bothered. needed some help with damaged cabinets from refrigerator leak. he gave an estimate to fix that took about a month. after that he wanted nothing to do with me. i thought i was dealing with a company that extended themselves a little to customers, guess i was wrong. to think i was going to have him do a custom built wall unit. live and learn.

    M J
    October 30, 2020

    10-10-20 UPDATE: In our opinion, the true long term value of using a . . . high-end $$$$ . . . general contractor, is how he treats you AFTER the job is complete. The customer service his organization/company provides 'post sale', and in years to come. With THAT in mind, I give MIKE MARCOS, and his company, Marcos Kitchen and Bath, an "F" . . . as is FAIL! I spent OVER $150,000.00 dollars with his company, over the course of an eight month long reno job. And . . . when I (Oct.2020) needed help with a (tile/floor) repair issue, for a ceramic tile floor that (they) had installed, at a cost of over $3000.00 bucks, he/they . . .THREW ME UNDER THE BUS! Did NOT return phone calls, and pulled all the usual contractor (blow off's, "he's not available",, "he'll call ya back") BULL S- - -T). So - in all good conscience (to you, the potential consumer) I C-A-N N-O-T recommend Mike Marcos/Marcos Kitchen and bath to do YOUR kitchen/bath reno project! MJ / Bayside, New York

    Marcos Kitchens-Bath Instlltns

    Our Address

    79 Franklin Ave, Franklin Square, NY 11010, USA

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